What We Offer

Depending on the client’s tolerance to risk an appropriate benchmark is chosen, and performance of the created portfolio is then monitored against the benchmark.

Clients have the advantage of drawing on our experience of having being involved in the investment and derivative markets since 1987, and having experienced the market turmoil during this 23 year period. Our performance results show out-performance of the JSE all share index by 1.15 % per annum after fees.

This performance has been achieved with less risk towards the market due to holding of cash balances between 0-20% depending on the current state of the market.

Clients are furnished with quarterly reports which details performance statistics for the preceding quarter, as well as receiving monthly statements to reflect present values. We also encourage clients to communicate with us on an ongoing basis.

Our Services Include

  • Creation of South African portfolios
  • Creation of Global portfolios (utilizing the South African tax clearance allowance & asset swaps)
  • Individualized retirement annuities, pension and provident funds
  • Individualized living annuities

Bird provides personalised investment management services to private clients as well as investors and institutions requiring highly individualised and specialised services.

Our Approach

We work closely with individual and institutional clients to understand their risk profile and investment objectives. This understanding allows us to offer our clients highly personalized service and tailor-made investment solutions.

Our international portfolios are structured to cover all geographic regions in order to give clients a truly global investment mixture.

Our Fee Structure

We charge an annual management fee & in addition a performance fee related to an agreed upon benchmark, as we feel that performance fees are the simplest way to align the interests of managers and investors, as they encourage performance of funds.

Regulatory Documents